Office of State Veterinarian Program Contacts

We are located at 109 Corporate Drive, you can also contact us at (502) 573-0282, option 3 or fax (502) 573-1020.

Office of State Veterinarian

Dr. Robert Stout 502-782-5920 State Veterinarian
Dr. Bradley Keough 502-782-5913 Deputy State Veterinarian
Animal Movement 502-782-5901 Import Requirements
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Animal Disease Traceability (ADT)
Bobbie Butler 502-782-5903 Approved Horse Sales
Tammy Horn 502-229-2950 (cell) Beekeeping
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Brucellosis Accreditation
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Brucellosis Calfhood Vaccination
Bobbie Butler 502-782-5903 Buying Stations
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 Certificates of Veterinary Inspection
Edmond Thompson 502-782-5904 Composting Program
Rayna Warford 502-782-5919 (office)
859-229-4482 (cell)
Equine Program
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 (office)
502-229-8950 (cell)
Equine Event Permit
Paul Redmon 502-782-5902 Farmed Cervids
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 (office)
502-229-8950 (cell)
Homeland Security
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 (office)
502-229-8950 (cell)
Import Permits
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Import Permits
Bobbie Butler 502-782-5903 Livestock Dealers
Edmond Thompson 502-782-5904 Office for State Veterinarian - NPIP
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 (office)
502-229-8950 (cell)
Premises ID
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Premises ID
Edmond Thompson 502-782-5904 Poultry Program
Dana Jenkins 502-782-5918 (office)
502-229-8950 (cell)
Scott McKenzie 502-782-5916 OSV Order Forms
Edmond Thompson 502-782-5904 Rendering Program
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Registered Brand Program
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Scrapie ear tags
Bobbie Butler 502-782-5903 Stockyards (Livestock Markets)
Rayna Warford 502-782-5905 Tuberculosis Accreditation