Kentucky Proud


Office of Commissioner

Being the Commissioner of Agriculture for Kentucky has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and it is a great honor and privilege to serve as your next Commissioner.

Office of Agricultural Marketing & Product Promotion

The KDA Office of Agricultural Marketing and Product Promotion assists farmers, agricultural businesses, and commodity groups in promoting and marketing their products by expanding existing markets, as well as developing domestic and international markets.

Office for Consumer & Environmental Protection

The Division of Food Distribution contributes to the nutritional well being of the citizens of Kentucky by distributing USDA commodities to eligible recipient agencies. Food Distribution administers four food programs for USDA.
The Division of Environmental Services is responsible for regulating the registration, sale, distribution, proper use, storage, disposal, and application of pesticides in Kentucky.

The Division of Regulation and Inspection, through its wide range of regulatory duties, affects each and every Kentucky family on a daily basis. Field inspectors perform weights and measures, fuel quality, egg marketing, amusement ride and grain dealer inspections.

Office of State Veterinarian

The Office for State Veterinarian mission is to protect the health and welfare of Kentucky's livestock, poultry and agricultural industries. The Office for State Veterinarian also promotes an environment that enhances the economic and recreational opportunities and prosperity of Kentucky agriculture.

Office for Strategic Planning & Administration

The Division of Information Technology's mission is to provide technology systems and infrastructure which will enable KDA employees to perform their duties in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
The Division of Personnel and Budget provides quality services to the employees of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.