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Kentucky Proud Livestock Tag Program

Kentucky Proud Points Program

What is the Kentucky Proud Tag Program?

Kentucky is one of the leading states when it comes to promoting youth development in the livestock show industry, as well as the livestock industry as a whole. The KY Proud Livestock Tag Program has been established to help promote animals that are raised or bought from Kentucky producers for youth livestock projects. One of the main goals is to increase sales opportunities for quality Kentucky animals, and to market those animals at a premium price.

How does Kentucky Proud benefit me?

Whether you are a livestock producer, exhibitor or both, the KY Proud Livestock Tag Program can be utilized to promote and recognize quality animals that are sold, bought, and /or exhibited throughout the Commonwealth. KY Proud animals exhibited through state sponsored livestock shows are eligible for additional premiums.

To Be Eligible

Livestock producers that market youth livestock projects (beef, dairy, sheep, goat, swine) will need to enroll in the KY Proud Livestock Tag Program and purchase KY animal tags. These tags are a visual tool that will identify all animals in the KY Proud Program and assist with issuing KY Proud premiums to youth livestock exhibitors. Any animal not identified by a KY Proud tag at a state sponsored youth livestock show will only be eligible for non-KY premiums. Each tag will display the KY Proud logo and will be unique to the state of Kentucky and that animal. The KY Proud tag, purchased by the producer, is $5.00 per tag. The proceeds will cover the actual cost of the tag, fund additional premiums for future KY Proud Champions, and further market KY Proud Youth Livestock Projects.

Kentucky Proud Animal Criteria

1. Any animal that is born on Kentucky soil and that has a KY Proud tag in place is eligible for Kentucky Proud Premiums.
2. Market Animals must have KY Proud tag in place at time of validation.
3. Breeding animals must have KY Proud tag permanently in place at time of show.
4. Kentucky Proud Premiums are for preview, district, and expo shows as well.
5.  Additional Kentucky Proud Premiums will also be paid at the Kentucky State Fair. 
Those premiums include:
1st and 2nd placings in class, Division/Breed Champions, and Grand & Reserve Grand Champions for
the following within the specie: 
Beef:  Breeding Heifers and Market Animals

Dairy:  Heifers and Cows
Goats: Commercial Does and Market Goats

Sheep:  Breeding Ewes and Market Lambs

Swine:  Breeding Gilts and Market Hogs
6. Exhibitors may be the breeder of the animal.