Kentucky Proud

Grants and Funding Opportunities


Below is a list of our state funding opportunities. You must be a Kentucky Proud member in order to apply. If you are a member please see which cost share program you can apply for, there may be more than one. Not a member yet? Head HERE!

Deceased Farm Animal Removal Program

Deceased Farm Animal Removal Program was developed to serve as measure to facilitate the coordination of environmentally sound and cost effective disposal of deceased livestock for Kentucky producers. Through this program County Agricultural Development Councils will have the opportunity to commit a portion of their county's agricultural development funds to an approved program within their county.

2017 Kentucky Horticulture Council Third Party GAP Audit Cost-Share Grant

A Kentucky Horticulture Council Third Party GAP Audit Cost-Share Grant is available for 2017. Use this link (Word format) or this link (PDF format) to download the grant application and for more information regarding this cost-share grant. The Kentucky Horticulture Council Cost-Share grants are funded through Kentucky Agriculture Development Funds.


Local Agricultural Fair State Aid Program

Local Agricultural Fair State Aid Program is designed to promote local agricultural fairs through grants of State funds. Local agricultural fairs must meet various requirements of the Department of Agriculture in order to qualify for these grants of State funds.

Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant

Due to the popularity of the Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant Program, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture has awarded all available funding within the 2017 program year.


The 2018 program will have a lower per applicant funding level and the new application will highlight additional changes to the program as well. Please check back regularly for the new 2018 application and program details.


The Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant matches and reimburses expenses for advertising, marketing and information customers about Kentucky Proud products that directly benefit Kentucky farm families. In order to apply for this grant you must be a Kentucky Proud member and your product must have direct Kentucky farm impact. Not all Kentucky Proud members are eligible.


Restaurant Rewards

Restaurant Rewards is a program that provides assistance to Kentucky restaurants and other food service operations which buy Kentucky grown or raised food and farm products for resale. Restaurant Rewards will provide up to $12,000 in annual assistance to these businesses to help offset the sometimes higher cost of buying locally. If you are interested in Restaurant Rewards, please email this program.

The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP)

The Specialty Crop Block Grant Program (SCBGP) was authorized on December 21, 2004, by Section 101 of the Specialty Crops Competitiveness Act of 2004. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s division of Value-Added Plant Production administers these grant funds which are based on the state’s value of specialty crop production.

Wine and Grapes

The Marketing Cost-Share Program and the Wholesaler Reimbursement Program are available to every small farm winery in Kentucky. To find out how to be included in this program please call 502-573-0282 option 1 or fill out a form today.